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Hard Top

IV585 Explorer

The Innovision Explorer is a stylish hard top that will keep you warm and dry in the roughest conditions. With the standard Innovision differences, the Explorer range can be used overnight or as a day boat.

As everyone has a different ideas and requirements to suit the way they fish or dive we offer different options for seating and transom layout. You can pick from our standard options or have a full custom layout designed for your needs.

TEchnical Details:

Custom Transom:

1321 - 585 Custom Transom.png

Dual Walk-through



Optional Extras:

See here.


  • LOA: 6.25m

  • Beam: 2.5m

  • Bottom: 5mm

  • Side and Deck: 4mm

  • Dead rise: 18 degrees

  • HP: 115-150

  • Tow Weight Alloy Trailer:
    1750kg approx.

  • Fuel: 150ltr

STANDard innovision features: