Our Range

Innovision boats have been designed to maximise your experience on the water. We have created a unique recreational boat to ensure your enjoyment, comfort and safety in all conditions.  Our boats are ideal for all purposes from fishing to diving to taking the family for day trips.

Extra design and work has been put into the finishing of our boats making them top of the market and stand out from others. We offer a customisable options within the different styles.

Innovision boats come in four styles: Explorer (Hard Top), Sports (Soft Top), Active (Centre Console/Cabin) and Sedan (Cruising) that all come in a range of sizes. 



The Innovision Explorer is a stylish hard top that will keep you warm and dry in the roughest conditions. With the standard Innovision differences , the Explorer range can be used overnight or as a day boat.


The Innovision Sports range is a great value, all round day boat with all standard Innovision differences and the added advantage of a large cuddly cabin that doesn’t compromise the cockpit size.


The Innovision Active range (centre console/cabin) has been designed to maximise deck space. With standard Innovision differences , the Active range is designed for all water activities with no compromises.

SEDAN (cruising)

As our passion at Innovision Boats is spending as much time on the water as possible, we have developed a trailer boat set up for cruising. You have the option of a diesel stern leg or outboard set up, and various layout  choices to suit your needs.