Over the past 5 years at Innovision Boats we have been working hard to develop the best alloy hull design on the market.

Our point of difference is very noticeable to other brands in New Zealand. From our experience in other marine industries, in business and on the water we have developed a truly unique hull design for the New Zealand trailer boat market. The hull has been developed to produce the softest ride over all other boats, and that’s what we have achieved.


How we compare


KEY differences

— Longer waterline length improves ride and performance 
— Finer bow entry reduces pitching and slamming
— Higher bow with more volume for safer bar crossings 
— Extra waterline at transom for added stability at rest 
— Large cabin space: 1.85m V bunk capable of overnighting



The Innovison differences



The main difference to the hull design which achieves that soft ride we are all looking for is the design of the bow. The plumb (vertical) bow gives the hull the finest entry of all trailer boats on the New Zealand market. It also increases the water line length when compared to conventional bow designs, which means our boats ride like a 1-1.5m longer boat. The combination of these two factors greatly reduces the slamming and pitching motion when in a nasty chop or ocean swell, making our boats comfortable and safe.



The chine line is very important to the performance of the hull at rest and on the plane. At rest the increased buoyancy in the chines maximises stability. When planing in rough conditions the chines have been designed create hydrodynamic targeted lift in areas to produce a stable/safe ride in all conditions. When in heavy down wind conditions the chine design greatly reduces broaching motion, making for the safest boat on the water.

Safety & Life Ring.png


The combination of the HDSC and plumb bow produces an extremely stable platform while at rest. The super fine entry and HDSC greatly reduces the risk of broaching making a following sea way very safe and a superior soft ride. The bow also has been raised to give extra buoyancy in the front and make it harder for the bow to go under when navigating those tricky bar crossings.



Modern unique styling, clean lines and lack of clutter sets our boats apart from the rest. All alloy plate is certified 5083 marine grade. The underfloor construction is engineered to provide the strongest hull, 4 full length longitudinal girders, keel bar and doubler plate down the length of the hull maximises the back bone strength and stringers provide bottom plate support. This all tied together in interconnecting frames.



Our boats superior quality and strength is backed up by a 10 year structural warranty.




An integral buoyancy ring around the top of the hull has been added on the Active range (centre console) which will help prevent the boat from rolling in case you get unfortunately swamped.

Safety & Life Ring.png


If you can’t find the boat you’re looking for or the layout or style is not quite right, we will work with you to design and build your dream boat. Working with Bakewell-White Yacht Design, we have the skills and experience to deliver any project, whether it be recreational or commercial with survey requirements of any size.