If you can’t find the boat you’re looking for or the layout or style is not quite right, we will work with you to design & build your dream boat.  

Working with Bakewell-White Yacht Design, we have the skills and experience to deliver any project, whether it be recreational or commercial with survey requirements of any size.


Past Projects

Howick Sailing Club

In 2016 the Howick Sailing Club approached us at the Auckland on Water Boat show and expressed interest in our boat to be used as a committee boat but needed some custom options. As that’s a big part of what we do at Innovision Boats, we were more than happy to work with them to give them just what they needed.

898 custom sports fisher

Back at our very first Hutchwilco Boat show in 2014, we met a very passionate fisherman/boatie. He had two problems though – a very bad back and that he suffered from sea sickness. After numerous sea trials he decided that Innovision boat hull design was going to offer that soft ride for his back and that stable platform so he didn’t get sea sick.