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DESIgn & BUilD



Design & Build

Howick Sailing Club

In 2016 the Howick Sailing Club approached us at the Auckland on Water Boat show and expressed interest in our boat to be used as a committee boat but needed some custom options. As that’s a big part of what we do at INNOVISION boats, we were more than happy to work with them to give them just what they needed.

After a sea trial on the IV616 Explorer and massive fundraising effort from the club, we worked closely with them to work out the perfect layout for their needs. The hardtop was made longer for additional sun/rain protection and a custom bunk layout was designed for bouy storage and so the race committee could take a break.

After initiating the design in mid-2016, we were honoured to attend the boat launch ceremony in December 2016.


STANDard innovision features:



  • LOA: 6.16m
  • Beam: 2.3m
  • Bottom: 6mm
  • Side and Deck: 4mm
  • Dead rise: 18 degrees
  • HP: 225-250
  • Tow Weight Alloy Trailer: 
    3050kg approx.
  • Fuel: 300ltr