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Design & Build

898 Custom Sports Fisher

Back at our very first Hutchwilco Boat show in 2014, we met a very passionate fisherman/boatie. He had two problems though – a very bad back and that he suffered from sea sickness. After numerous sea trials he decided that Innovision boat hull design was going to offer that soft ride for his back and that stable platform so he didn’t get sea sick.

This was a fully custom design and the owner had full input into every little detail so he got exactly what he wanted. The boat has a centre helm position which is very unique but suits the owners style of fishing.

For this project we only offered our design expertise as the owner wanted to manage the build process himself and do most of the work himself.

The owner is very happy with the performance of the boat and once he finishes the final fit out, we have no doubt he will be getting out on the water at every opportunity.

TEchnical Details:

Sea Legs Technical Deets.png


STANDard innovision features:



  • LOA: 8.98m
  • Beam: 2.7m
  • Bottom: 6mm
  • Side and Deck: 4mm
  • Dead rise: 18 degrees
  • HP: 300-400
  • Tow Weight Alloy Trailer: 
    3500kg approx.
  • Fuel: 500ltr