Our Story

Innovision Boats

Simon Minoprio has grown up on the water. He has spent many years travelling the world while professional sailing. It was during this time that he discovered that there was a way to improve the hydrodynamics of the typical alluminum boat in New Zealand and where the concept behind Innovision Boats was born.

Simon is a man of many talents. He is an electrician by trade and spent many years working at the renowned super yacht manufacturers Alloy Yachts- hence his eye for detail. He also has an intimate understanding of the hydrodynamics of boats given his extensive time on the water on everything from a tiller steer tinny to professional sailing on the most advanced carbon fibre race yachts.

Simon, with support from his wife Haylee, started Innovision Boats in 2012 with the first Innovision 616 Explorer. Since then, Simon has been working hard to improve every new boat and has built up a range of models and sizes.

We have a passion for creating quality alluminum boats, personalised for your needs and that you will be proud to own.